After last year's cooperation with the famous British group Simply Red, the Croatian production team PlayOne has continued achieving new successes. Last week, in Darko Juranovic's studio in Zagreb, they hosted one of the world's top producers and Grammy Award winner - Andy Wright, known for his work with international megapopular performers, such as Simple Minds, Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Natalie Imbruglia, Luciano Pavarotti, Simply Red, Jeff Beck and many others.

The reason of Andy's arrival in Zagreb was to complete the new versions of 12 greatest hits of the legendary group Simple Minds, which PlayOne has been working for intensively over the last six months. What is worth mentioning is the fact that Andy Wright, as the Simple Minds' music producer from the very beginning of their career, chose D'Knock, DJ Fresh Jay and Zvonimir Dusper as his collaborators on this big project. It is about the Simple Minds' hits resung and replayed with the arranging innovations, for which the credit goes to Andy Wright and PlayOne.


In addition to 12 radio versions, PlayOne also made 12 additional extended versions of these hits, as well as special club remixes which will have the exclusive promotion by Simple Minds' management.

The executive producer of this and all previous projects where PlayOne has collaborated with Andy Wright, is Petra Crnetić, who Andy chose for his agent for the Southeast Europe. An important part of PlayOne's management is also the production company "Svijet produkcije", while the record company Hit Records cares for the discography part.

A proof that Andy and Simple Minds are extremely pleased with the previous work of Croatian producers is the fact that they will cooperate again on some of the songs from their acoustic album, as well as on several singles from their new album to be released by the end of 2017.

Next year Simple Minds celebrate 40 years of their musical career which will be marked by several releases and a spectacular tour. It is well known that they are one of the most successful British bands of all time, who have influenced the work of many international bands and performers. Some of their biggest hits, such as 'Don't You (Forget About Me)', 'Alive & Kicking', 'Waterfront', 'Sanctify Yourself ', 'Promised You a Miracle', 'Belfast Child', etc. are also an essential part of today's radio air worldwide.












Made by DJ FRESH JAY, Remix of the legendary single „Most Precious Love“ - Blaze feat. Barbara Tucker, was released on a new global compilation "House Of Ibiza 2016", published by the renowned NY record company King Street Sounds (, more precisely by one of their music labels Street King. This way, DJ Fresh Jay's name will appear on the release with a number of world-renowned musicians such as Ron Carroll, Dennis Ferrer, Eric Kupper, Ananda Project, Kathy Brown and many others.
In addition to a strong start of the summer 2016, with this remix PlayOne team continued their collaboration with the house diva Barbara Tucker, with whom they have previously released a number of successful singles, and also began a collaboration with the label King Street Sounds.
Most Precious Love - DJ FRESH JAY RMX
Produced, arranged & mixed by DJ Fresh Jay
Executive Producers: Darko Juranović "D`Knock" & DJ Fresh Jay

CHECK OUT THE BEATPORT LINK:…/most-precious-love-dj-fr…/7903208

After much success and various collaborations with the world's top musicians, a popular production duo PlayOne (Darko Juranovic D'Knock DJ Fresh Jay) joined forces with their long-term collaborator, producer Zvonimir Dusper, and achieved the most praiseworthy cooperation ever by remixing the new single for the reunited legendary British band Simply Red, 'The Ghost Of Love'!

As PlayOne have recently announced on their social networks that they finally received a call they had been waiting for a long time, it was apparent that a collaboration with the mega popular pop band, which this year celebrates 30 years since their first album "Picture Book", is the crown of their career. Simply Red have sold over 50 million albums so far and left behind a whole series of hits such as 'Holding Back The Years', 'Something Got Me Started', 'Fairground', 'Stars','Money's Too Tight (To Mention)'. After a long break, the band has recently released a new album "Big Love", produced by a legendary Grammy award winning music producer - Andy Wright.

It is Andy who took credit for the collaboration of PlayOne and Zvonimir Dusper with Simply Red, while the executive producer of this project is PlayOne's long-term collaborator Petra Crnetić for Svijet Produkcije (Production World ). On April 24, just over a month before the release of Simply Red's new album "Big Love", Andy gave a call to PlayOne that Simply Red was reforming again and that they were interested in PlayOne's remix of their new single "The Ghost of Love". Not hiding their enthusiasm, D'Knock, DJ Fresh Jay and Z. Dusper a.k.a. Rei Noel made a remix within a record time and soon after Andy Wright, members of the band and their management listened to it, PlayOne got a confirmation that "this was it"!


The original version of the single "The Ghost of Love" was first aired on July 8 on BBC Radio 2, and its global edition, including PlayOne's remix, is expected very soon.

A great success! PlayOne began their tour and released a single on the edition alongside with the legends of house music, Frankie Knuckles, DJ Spen & Barbara Tucker

What has re­cently hap­pened to pro­ducer duo Play­One (Darko Ju­ra­nović “D’ Knock” and DJ Fresh Jay) is a big mo­ment in their long-time ca­reer. These em­i­nent Croa­t­ian pro­duc­ers, who suc­cess­fully ex­pand their pres­ence in the in­ter­na­tional mar­ket as well, joined forces with Zvon­imir Dus­per “Dus” and last year an­nounced co­op­er­a­tion on the global hu­man­i­tar­ian pro­ject for the home­less “We Can Heal”, which was achieved this year. One of the ini­tia­tors of the pro­ject, au­thor of the song “We can heal”, their long-time col­lab­o­ra­tor, US diva Bar­bara Tucker (“The Queen of House Music”) gath­ered a large num­ber of the world’s top vo­cal­ists and remix­ers, in­clud­ing Play­One. The first edi­tion of the sin­gle “We Can Heal”, in­clud­ing a ver­sion pro­duced by Play­One, fi­nally came out last week.
What makes the whole story even more in­ter­est­ing is the fact that the edi­tion also in­cludes ver­sions of the club music leg­ends – Frankie Knuck­les & Eric Kup­per, DJ Spen & Gary Hud­gins & Rhemi. Frankie Knuck­les, also known as “The God­fa­ther of House Music”, is one of the world’s biggest DJs, pro­duc­ers and remix­ers, who played an im­por­tant role in the de­vel­op­ment and pop­u­lar­iza­tion of house music in the 80s and 90s, and was ad­mit­ted to the Dance Music Hall of Fame in 2005. DJ Spen – Sean Spencer; with­out doubt one of the most in­flu­en­tial DJs and pro­duc­ers of his gen­er­a­tion. A true ad­vo­cate of spir­i­tual house music, DJ Spen’s ex­ten­sive discog­ra­phy of orig­i­nal pro­duc­tions, killer remixes and dis­tinc­tive DJ sets have been groov­ing the dance floors since the early 90s.
The next edi­tion of the sin­gle will be launched for the Win­ter Music Con­fer­ence 2014 in Miami, and will in­clude ver­sions pro­duced by an­other leg­ends – David Morales, David Har­ness, David Fiorese & Sisco etc., while Play­One will have a chance to per­form with them. The sin­gle “We Can Heal” cur­rently scores high po­si­tions on the house music charts, while its world­wide dis­tri­b­u­tion started from 23 De­cem­ber 2013. Play­One’s long-term co­op­er­a­tion with Bar­bara Tucker was worth their weight in gold, since they were in­tro­duced to the cream of the New York music scene, where the orig­i­nal house music, and the ba­sics of today’s club scene, were cre­ated.
In ad­di­tion to that, Play­One’s re­gional con­cert tour is in progress by March, when DJ Fresh Jay re­turns to Las Vegas to fi­nal­ize the open­ing of their new pro­duc­tion and DJ book­ing com­pany. “We are re­ally happy, as we have put a lot of ef­fort into launch­ing all those pro­jects.” – said D’Knock.











In their long-lasting career, one of the most popular groups of the 20th century, Simply Red, have never made a Christmas song... until now. Their frontman Mick Hucknall has written a song "Happy this Christmas" which is about to be launched worldwide.

After Mick heard the remix of the single "Take it to the roof", produced by Darko Juranović D'Knock and DJ Fresh Jay (Playone) in cooperation with IDM's producer Zvonimir Dusper Dus , he decided to hire the guys for the club version of his song "Happy this Christmas!".
Besides Playone, the second version of the song has been remixed by Bimbo Jones, a well known production team, famous for their remixes of Lady Gaga, Pink, Janet Jackson, Usher, Annie Lenox and others.

This is just the beginning of the worldwide success of the duo Playone: their promo teams Svijet Produkcije and Oziris, which are in charge of placing their work into the global markets, already announced that Playone have started preparing the remixes for Simple Minds as well as for some other well known artists.


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